Shri 1008 Ajitnath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Bandhaji is a historic Jain tirtha about 35 km from Tikamgarh.

The 900 years old black colored idol of principal deity Bhagwan Ajitnatha is installed in a basement of Shri Bandhaji Atishaya Kshetra. According to historical and archeological evidences available this Kshetra seems to be more than 1500 years old. This place is situated in between the beautiful hills full of natural & clean & peaceful environment.

The 7 Bhonyare (Basements) are quite famous in ‘Bundelkhand’ which are situated in ‘Pava’, ‘Deogarh’, ‘Seron’, ‘Karguvan’, ‘Bandha’, ‘Papora’ & ‘Thuvon’. It is said that these 7 Basements were constructed by two brothers namely ‘Devpat’ & ‘Khevpat’. The two ancient spired temples are also constructed here which are worth seeing from the point of view of art and magnificence.

This Kshetra is quite wealthy from the point of view of archeology. The important matter related to Jainism is scattered anywhere in fields, pounds, ancient forts & in old temples. It seems that this place was developed during the time of Chandel Kings & Bhonyare (Basement) constructed during the time of Muslim rulers (to keep idols safely).

At Atishaya Kshetra Bandhaji, the idol of principal deity Bhagwan Ajitnath is installed in ancient Bhonyara. It was created & reverenced in 1142(Samvat 1199). It is black colored 2 & half feet high Padmasana idol. The idol is quite ancient, miraculous serene & calm. On both sides of this idol 2 feet high Kayotsarga idols of Bhagwan Adinath & Bhagwan Sambhavnath are installed respectively. These both idols were reverenced in 1152(Samvat 1209). The other idols of Bhagwan Adinath, Sambhavnath & Neminath are also installed here. The huge spired temple is built near Bhonyara & it is 65 feet high. This temple was constructed in dense forest. Built in 18th century, this temple is quite artistic. There is one small temple near the spired temple. The small temple was possibly a ‘Math’ in ancient times and later it was converted into small temple. Like ‘Gandhkuti’ it is quite artistic. There are 12 doors in this altar and ‘Dharmachakra’ is created in center of this temple.